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What To Expect

People do best when they can predict their environment

The Process

If you have never been to therapy before, the idea of going to talk with a stranger about all of your deepest, darkest secrets can seem pretty daunting, especially when you don't know exactly what to expect.  Even for those who have been to therapy before, seeing a new therapist can be an anxiety provoking process because every therapist is a little bit different.  My goal is to reduce a significant amount of those nerves by telling you exactly what you're walking into!  Read on!

My approach to therapy is collaborative, warm, and empathic.  You might find yourself wondering how on earth anyone could possibly help you because no one has been through exactly what you have--and that's true.  I will never tell you what to do.  I will never tell you that I understand.  I will, however, be there for you unconditionally.  I will guide you on your journey and sometimes suggest tools and skills along the way that might have been difficult for you to otherwise find.  My goal is for you to blaze the trail, and I'll help you light the way.  You will have more sustainable results and a greater sense of what you are capable of when you are in the driver's seat.  Have I used enough analogies yet? No? Here's another...

There might be times in life when you feel as though you have SO much going on that you just can't hold it all together.  Imagine yourself as a bucket filled with water (go with me on this one).  Now imagine that you've sprung a bunch of leaks and the water is going everywhere (those leaks are your symptoms).  My goal in therapy is first to plug up the leaks so that you have some relief, and then to begin to take water out from the top so that there's nothing to leak out in the first place.  In order to do that we'll likely explore current relationships, past relationships, family experiences, and identify patterns that you have seen come up throughout your life.  There will be laughter, sometimes tears, and when all is said and done, you'll have a new perspective on yourself.

The Content

Ahead of our first visit together I will send you intake paperwork to fill out via my Electronic Health Record called Sessions.  Keep your eye out for this in your email, and please fill everything out before we meet.  I will also send you a link to download and create an account on Spruce Health, which is the HIPAA compliant and fully confidential platform that I use for telehealth. 

At the beginning of the first session we will go over the intake paperwork and I will answer any questions you might have.  I'll give you my little spiel about confidentiality, payment, and other "housekeeping" matters. Then I'll ask you some questions about what brought you in and about your history.  The first session is considered an intake interview.  This is the only session that will be structured in this way.  All other sessions will be focused on whatever you would like to discuss! 


During the intake interview I'll gather some information from you and we can discuss some goals for our work together.  Most therapy sessions are 45-50 minutes.  At the end of the first session we can discuss if you think I will be a good fit to work with you and we'll schedule our next session.  Across all different types of therapy the single most important indicator of how effective therapy will be is the fit between therapist and client.  This is something that I take very seriously and believe there is no one-size fits all approach!  If for any reason I am not the right fit for you I will work with you to find a therapist who is (though I really hope I am!)

Parents of kids under 12: For the intake session, please do not bring your child with you! It's best for me to gather information from you alone first, then determine if  telehealth is approproate for your child or if parent support is a better approach

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